OneLife is committed to promoting Diversity amongst its employees.  We signed the Charter of Diversity last year. 



We are proud to be associated with this programme for the first time which promotes fair integration of all employees within the company and career opportunities which are in line with skills and aspirations.

That’s why on Thursday 11th May, the company sets about building a Diversity Wall to demonstrate the uniqueness of its corporate DNA. 

Employees are given free rein to express who they are and what they do, both personally and professionally, and create a fingerprint of diverse identities.

Team spirit, discovering more about the talents of fellow colleagues and collaboration are all high on the list of OneLife’s expectations of this inclusive event.

OneLife’s HR Director, Laurence Parison, said: “This initiative is a great opportunity for our colleagues to really get involved in Diversity.  Our company values of Excellence, Attentiveness and Trust are all supported by the uniqueness of who we are as a company.”