In 2016, OneLife embarked on a digital transformation journey making it one of the early movers in an area where man and machine are increasingly interacting to improve customer experience.  Since then, a number of initiatives have been delivered as per the roadmap, with still more to follow in the coming months and others in the proof of concept stage due for early 2018.

Launching its Digital Days in June 2017 to fully engage employees in the transformation process, the Digital Days Breakfast on 30th November is the opportunity to highlight the year’s achievements and set out the initiatives to come.  Employees across departments at OneLife are involved in implementing digital innovation to improve the experience of partners and clients and in so doing learn the techniques which will allow them to compete in tomorrow’s world.

Training and development at OneLife has also gone digital with the introduction in September of the learning platform from LinkedIn.  This tool, offering over 10,000 e-courses, actively encourages employees to learn on a regular basis across all disciplines with certification awarded to acknowledge completion.


  1. Once upon a Digital year – what’s been done?

Data aggregation

OneLife worked closely with Harvest, the leader in France in data aggregation, to offer their mutual independent financial advisors in France this new service, the advantage of which is to provide an overall view of portfolio positions for each of their clients. This initiative is part of a comprehensive digital approach to which other data aggregation initiatives will be added.  OneLife is now able to fully support the Penelop format so allowing us to extend our partnership with other market aggregators over the coming weeks.  In addition, OneLife recently put a B2B service in place enabling our partners to log on in real time to our platform to view all the information available on their respective portfolio.

The project was delivered in record time thanks to the particularly fruitful collaboration between OneLife and Harvest  enabling the new flows to be taken on to further extend the integration of the Luxembourg contracts in O2S.  Making the flows available is part of a legal and technical mechanism which guarantees integrity and confidentiality of the personal data (data masking, secure file transfer protocol, cryptographic communication, authentication key, etc.)

Automation of standard processes

Identifying the stages in a well-mapped process which can be done just as well by automated means – and even enhanced in terms of time, accuracy and reporting – is a key area of the firm’s focus.  The automation of parts of the OneLife service workspace is just one example.  Generating automatic emails to confirm transactions, request missing documentation and manage life policies effectively leaves the company’s Customer Services team with more time on their hands to deal with more complex live customer queries – and so better manage the relationships with their valued partners and clients.


  1. Once upon a Digital year – what’s just around the corner?

A number of other digital initiatives are due for release in the coming weeks. 

For the 2017 year-end portfolio statements, the firm is putting in place Dematerialisation, a process which allows the policyholder and his intermediary to view statements directly on the firm’s secure portal, youroffice yourassets instead of in paper form by post.  The pdf may be downloaded and stored as appropriate for future reference.  The dematerialised statement has the same legal value as the paper form.  Efficiency, security and speed are all watchwords of this new paperless process.


Accelerating the client on-boarding process through the automation of KYC and AML checks has been through the test-drive stage at OneLife and is about to be launched.  RegTech, or Regulation Technolgy as it is widely known, provides the Compliance team with a powerful technology tool to run the checks and then revert with a recommendation.  The team can then intervene to run further checks and/or on-board the clients so significantly speeding up the process from the days when all stages were manual.  OneLife partnered with KYCTech, a Luxembourg start-up company, to establish a Proof of Concept for the platform.  The service will be implemented in February.

OneLife launched the OneLife OneApp for its partners in Belgium in 2016.  It was then made available to the rest of its partner base in August 2017.  The next step is to offer it to all OneLife clients from December.  The App offers real-time access to portfolios on-line in a secure environment, as well as the ability to track operations and outstanding items.  OneLife partners and clients can be sure that their portfolios move with them and are accessible 24/7!

As the final piece in the digitalisation of its on-boarding and service offering, OneLife will introduce an electronic signature capability in the first quarter 2018.  The new service will allow partners and clients with access to youroffice, yourassets to sign digitally, eliminating the time-consuming process of physical signatures on switches and top-ups in a first phase and other operations in later stages. 


  1. Once upon a Digital year – what’s for next year?

OneLife is also innovating in the area of RPA (Robotic Process Automation).  A number of Bots have been launched in 2017 and are already serving the business.  A larger scale deployment is planned for 2018.   

As a digital front-runner, OneLife is using its internal AGILE approach to identify and implement change across the organisation fast.  From concept to delivery, the firm’s digital transformation is not just a promise but a reality.  Watch this space for more!