Why OneLife

  1. Flexibility to suit many specific needs from inheritance planning to asset protection
  2. Cross-border expertise for tax-efficient relocation
  3. Stability and security of a Luxembourg contract
  4. Dedicated UK market experts designing compliant and customised solutions
  5. OneLife presence in the market for over 20 years


Market insights

Europe’s largest life assurance market, the UK has some of the highest rates of inheritance tax together with an ageing and increasingly mobile population of wealthy clients. We’re helping to mitigate the impact of changes to non-domicile status in 2017. We offer a broad range of investments to choose from, accommodating all investor profiles, and allowing for optimal diversification within a single contract. The products can be gifted across generations, in a tax-efficient manner.   


Wealth UK

A unit-linked Luxembourg offshore bond offering a high degree of flexibility and diversification. It’s a single policy divided into multiple segments which can be surrendered at any time and assigned to various individuals. Access a range of asset classes, customise the investment strategy, choose the asset manager, custodian bank, reference currency etc.

  • Minimum 250,000 Euros initial premium
  • Defer tax on 5% of your premiums for up to 20 years
  • No capital gains tax on switches
  • Inheritance tax exemption for spouses and civil partners


Capitalisation UK

For clients remaining in the UK, our Capital Redemption Bond offers all the tax benefits of a life assurance contract, without the need for lives assured. This gives two key advantages:

  • Maximises the duration of the investment, and so enables gifting to future generations
  • For trust applications, the structure can be considered much easier than alternative formats


Unlisted assets

At OneLife, we offer comprehensive solutions for wealth management including the acceptance of unlisted assets, supported by Luxembourg’s insurance regulation that allows a large range of underlying investments in internal funds.
For many wealthy individuals, a significant part of their total wealth comprises unlisted assets which can be categorized into shares, debt instruments (including Securitization vehicles), as well as Private Equity funds and Real Estate in multiple jurisdictions.

Our specialized Unlisted Assets Team has extensive experience in this sector and is able to manage these types of assets taking into account various aspects such as valuation, legal, compliance, governance, etc.

We ensure that the proposed solution is best suited to our client’s needs.

The Unlisted Assets Team also performs on-going monitoring and due diligence of the assets to ensure the investments remain compliant and suitable over time. This includes reviewing the price of the asset in accordance with market conditions and any changes within the unlisted company.


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